Running Challenges

Virtual running challenges can be a great way to stay active and reach your running and fitness goals.

Every virtual challenge can be tailored towards your goals. No set times, no set routes and no requirements of kit. You can plan your challenge and break your challenge down into parts.

Running challenges are bespoke to you as the individual. It is your virtual challenge and no one else’s. Breaking down challenges to small parts will help you reach the total mileage, your way.

MedalMad offers the best range of virtual running challenges for all ages and abilities. It has virtual challenges from 5KM to 1000 miles. Some challenges also include other rewards such as finisher t-shirts and milestone badges.

But being virtual and doing it solo does not mean you have to be on your own. MedalMad offer a great social solution where you can keep up to date with your friends anywhere in the world. Receive updates, view their progress, message, motivate and much more. An amazing way to do virtual challenges, on your won but with a virtual running community.

Check out MedalMad for your next running challenge.

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